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Things that every Delphi developer should be aware of:

HyperString.   More than 300 string functions!  The fully-functional library is available for downloading, and a full-source license is only $39.00!

GExperts.   Awesome experts for the Delphi IDE.

CyberBolt.   License protection for your applications.

Crt_EFD.   Need CRT functionality for your Delphi app?  Look no further.

xProcs.   More than 150 general functions!  Free!

QDB.   Don't need the baggage of the BDE?  Try QDB.

Snoop.   Great little memory leak debugger.  By the author of QDB.

RXLib.  Nice set of Delphi components.

ICS.   Internet Component Suite.  Fantastic, and native Delphi!  w/sourcecode.